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Blog Posts in April, 2017

  • EpiPen Makers Recall Products Nationwide

    Epinephrine autoinjectors, otherwise known as EpiPens, are medical devices used to inject a measured dose of epinephrine to help treat anaphylaxis. Many people depend on these devices to survive potentially life-threatening allergic responses. Just last month, Meridian Medical Technologies, a manufacturer of Mylan’s EpiPen, expanded a recent voluntary recall to include medical devices shipped to ...
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  • AndroGel May Increase Risk of Arterial Plaque

    AndroGel is one of many brand names of testosterone prescribed for a number of different uses. This brand is a topical gel used to provide patients with higher levels of testosterone, a naturally occurring hormone necessary for many processes in the body. For people who have lower levels of testosterone, their doctors might prescribe AndroGel to bring those levels back to normal with daily morning ...
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  • Are IVC Filters Overused? New Study Sheds Light On Possible Complications.

    A recent study published in the JAMA Surgery journal suggests that IVC filters – commonly thought of as life-saving devices – might not be the safest option for some patients; especially those who didn’t need them in the first place. After thorough studies conducted over multiple years, researchers reported that the “indiscriminate use of IVCFs without clear indications places patients at risk of ...
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