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Blog Posts in September, 2013

  • FDA Requires Design Changes To Fentanyl Patches

    September 23, 2013 - As part of its efforts to regulate dangerous pharmaceuticals, the FDA issued a drug safety communication requiring changes to the design of Duragesic (fentanyl) pain patches so that the patches can be seen more easily. Fentanyl patches are dangerous and prone to cause accidental exposure because they retain potent amounts of the active narcotic ingredient even after use. ...
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  • Heartsine Technologies, Ltd. Issues Global Correction Of Samaritan® 300/300p Pad

    The FDA recently posted a press release regarding a voluntary global correction of Samaritan® 300/300P PAD public access defibrillators made by HeartSine Technologies, Ltd. According to the press release, issues with power management in defibrillators made prior to December 2010 may prevent these devices from functioning properly or at all during a cardiac event. The press release includes ...
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  • McNeil Consumer Healthcare Recalls Motrin Infants Drops Due To Contamination

    The FDA recently announced a recall initiated by McNeil Consumer Healthcare that affects three lots of MOTRIN Infant's Drops (active ingredient: ibuprofen). The recall was prompted by the presence of "tiny plastic particles" identified during manufacturing. The particles were found in a lot that was not released on the market, but was part of the same batch as the three recalled lots. The ...
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  • Cubist Pharmaceuticals Recalls An Antibiotic Due To Contamination

    The FDA recently announced a recall initiated by Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. that affects four lots of Cubicin (daptomycin for injection). Cubicin is an antibiotic indicated for the treatment of certain types of infections. The recall was prompted by "the presence of [glass particulates] found in a number of vials" from the four lots. No adverse reactions associated with vials containing glass ...
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